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Finding the Best Mail Order Brides: Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered why so many couples break up within a single year? Most of the time, people say that they were too different, and only the most honest ones care to admit that they wanted different things in life. A successful relationship is not just about common personality traits or interests; it’s about shared goals and looking in the same direction. This is the glue that keeps a couple together, no matter how different both parties may be. 

So, when one of the partners wants to start a family, and the other one does not, the couple break apart. Suppose, you’ve now come to a point in your life when you’ve had enough of casual affairs? What if you’re looking to build a family? Men often think that it’s not going to be difficult to find a good match when they are ready to settle down. After all, all women dream of getting married and starting a family, right? If you’re reading this, you already know that the answer to that is ‘no.’

Some women have already been married and have zero desire to go through this experience again. Others are focusing on their careers and would never jeopardize their positions of power for a cozy home. Quite a few Western ladies are simply not interested in having children. There are many reasons why most Western ladies are far from a man’s perception of an ideal bride. The good news is — this world is huge, and you can always gaze in a different direction to find a good wife.

Online dating has made it possible to meet hundreds of women from all corners of the world — and many of those ladies will be more family-centered than women in your immediate environment. If you want to narrow down your search for a wife even further, we recommend using dating platforms that specialize in long-term relationships and bringing happy couples together. Most of the time, such websites are called mail order brides dating sites — and we will tell you everything you need to know about these handy services in the paragraphs below.

Dating mail order brides: how it really works?

Websites that advertise mail order brides are, essentially, international marriage sites. They work more or less like any other dating site, but they welcome only straight users who plan to get seriously committed. Of course, you cannot expect them to mail an actual woman, so the term implies that ladies on these particular platforms are willing to relocate abroad. 

Of course, you should understand that all mail order brides sites operate on a commercial basis. It’s not like these services are toying with your loneliness and hoping to cheat you out of your money. However, they are still no charitable organizations, and, to make sure their websites can provide the best services, they need to hire stuff and this stuff, in turn, needs to get paid. Simply put, clients are expected to pay for using a premium class dating site with extensive functionality and complicated search algorithms.

You’d argue that few people care about site design and that it’s possible to do without most interactive features — and you would be right to say so. But, in case of mail order brides websites, people are also paying for security — and this aspect is truly important when looking for a wife. Unlike free dating apps, commercial brides agencies verify each bride’s identity — often, in person. Ladies submit their IDs and may even go through personal interviews before they’re allowed to join the site. Admins run regular security checks to make sure women who register are still in charge of their accounts. So, when dealing with a mail order brides site, the risks of coming across a fraudulent account are minimal.

As for the rest, brides agencies work pretty much the same as most other dating apps. People join, fill in their profiles, define their search criteria, and start looking for their perfect partners. Most platforms offer different communications means — from emails to live chats. Usually, men will be allowed to register for free and take a look around before they are asked to pay a subscription cost. This free period is not about time, but rather about your activity. Most sites allow a preview of the ladies’ profiles, but reserve all communications means for premium members. 

What services can you expect from mail order brides sites?

So far, it all sounds fair and square. Still, not everyone will agree to pay monthly bills for online communication and anti-fraud security — not because those two are not important, but mostly because in the Internet era, users are spoiled with fun, interactive offers anywhere they go. Do mail order brides sites provide any of the kind? The answer will depend on the exact platform (and there are plenty of those), but most marriage sites do offer a couple of extra services clients will appreciate. 

Message translation

Mail order brides come from all corners of this world, and not all of them are exactly fluent in English. Of course, you can stick to websites and countries where English is widely spoken, but what if you’ve always dreamed of marrying an Asian beauty? Plenty of countries on this continent are not that savvy in English — especially, China. So, plenty of mail order brides websites take this feature into account and supply users with a team of internal translators. Others invest in automatic translation, but we all know that their algorithms may be a bit faulty and can cause even more misunderstandings.

Full confidentially and anonymity

Very few marriage sites allow users to share contact details. Of course, users think that it happens because the site would not like to lose paying clients, so they do everything possible to make sure a couple continues to communicate on their platform rather than use a free messenger. This is only partly true; in reality, such policy is created to provide even more security. After all, relationships can go wrong, and if you share your details with someone too soon, you risk getting a brand new stalker. Ladies, in particular, are very cautious about that. As we’ve already mentioned, they come from a variety of countries, and social norms vary a lot depending on your bride’s ethnicity. In Asia and Muslim countries, the practice is frowned upon, so many women keep their private affairs private. 

Gift delivery

Online dating offers a lot of perks, but also comes with a fair share of limitations. While you get a chance to save some cash on dinners, you also lose an opportunity to show your ‘perfect gentleman’ side. That is exactly why many platforms allow men to send their ladies a gift now and then. The selection, however, will be limited, so you will not have a chance to buy your lady a little something and have it shipped internationally. You can, however, choose from the list of options available in the site’s local department. Usually, such gifts will include flowers, candy, plush toys, and maybe — some affordable jewelry. The costs will not be sky-rocketing, because you are not paying for international delivery — all of those items are already in your lady’s country. But, it will be higher than in your local shop, because local delivery is still involved. 

Travel assistance

One more feature any reasonable gentleman should appreciate. If ever decide to visit your lady in person, you can have the agency arrange this trip for you. Flights, hotels, airport transfers, local interpreters — whatever you need, professional marriage agencies should be able to provide. Of course, you may not need this feature if you’re visiting just one lady you already know and trust. But what if you want to see several ladies in the same country? That’s where professional marriage experts come in. Also, no need to be shy if you cannot decide which of the marvelous ladies you’re chatting with is the one. Such a decision often takes a personal meeting, and plenty of gentlemen meet several women from the same region before they even think of popping the question.  

Legal and relocation help

When you do decide to pop the question, you may also count on legal help and consultations from a professional marriage agency. Marrying a foreigner requires tons of paperwork — even if your states have close economic and political ties. If they do not, the issue gets even more complicated. So, if you’d rather spend time with your gorgeous bride, you really should choose in favor of services that can provide legal assistance.

How much are you expected to pay?

This is another important question since fees, as well as the actual subscription plans, may vary from one mail order brides site to another. On the whole, it is possible to find a totally legitimate platform that would charge their clients as little as 10 or 15 USD a month for unlimited communication with the ladies. Such low charges, however, are usually available if you subscribe for a whole year and pay the entire sum upfront. When subscribing for shorter periods (from one to six months), the single payment amount will be lower; however, the monthly payment will be higher.

Also, you should understand that not every platform works on a subscription basis. Some mail order brides sites charge clients for every single service they use. You may not even be able to read messages in your inbox for free, and you will also have to pay for every single message you send. This sounds less fair; however, such a billing logic may prove more beneficial for users who do not communicate that much. This way, they’re not supposed to pay for the features they do not use. 

Still, most brides agencies use a ‘middle ground’ approach that offers customers some flexibility. In particular, they charge a fixed subscription for all (or most) communications means. So, users can text and chat all they like for a small monthly fee. If you want to order some additional services, you may have to buy a set of virtual credits and spend them on extra communication means. Once again, the actual services available for extra cash will depend on the platform. Some charge extra for video chats, for example; others — for translation or private browsing.

In any case, you should not expect gift delivery or travel arrangements to be included in the subscription cost. Those services are always charged separately. Besides, when you visit your lady in a new country, you inevitably spend some money on tours, and dinners, and souvenirs, and other nice things we pay for when we travel. 

Bottom line, your total expenses will depend on your activity — not only on the website but also on the spot, when you decide to meet your potential match in person. If we talk stats, an average gentleman spends around 50 USD/month on website services and up to USD 2000 on travel and visa expenses (meaning that if you do find a bride, she’ll need to get a marriage visa before she can relocate).  Most men spend around a year on mail order brides services; however, a lucky few find their ideal bride sooner than that. Still, the stats alone say that’s possible to find and marry a beautiful foreigner for approximately USD 3000, spent gradually over a year or so. And, if you really think about it, this is a low price to pay for marrying a woman of your dreams. 

So, if you’re still not certain about using mail order brides services — take a good look at the numbers (unromantic as it may seem). As of today, marriage sites offer some of the most convenient and affordable ways to meet stunning mail order brides who would make amazing life partners for any family-centered man. 

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