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Russian Brides: How To Understand, Date, And Live With Her

What kind of woman can make you happy? Do you have an image of a perfect partner for you? 

Some men feel desperate about the relationship and they don’t even dream about getting a soulmate because they could not succeed in starting a happy family. What if we tell you that those men may have no problems with the relationship, but they do have them when try to start a relationship with the wrong partner?

Maybe, your perfect choice is a Russian woman – a kind, considerate, and charming person. Here we tell a lot about beautiful Russian girls, so even if you have no idea about how do they look and act, you will get the complete image of them in this article. What you will know after reading it:

The Essential Info About Russian Mail Order Brides

How to meet beautiful Russian women

It is quite easy to do. First of all, you should decide what way to meet her is more suitable for you. 

There are two options: going to Russia and making an account on a dating site. The first variant is good for you if you have enough money, time, and, well, nerves, to make a visa, to purchase tickets, to live at a hotel, and take care of yourself for at least two or three months. However, you will be able to see a lot of women in real life, see their faces, reaction to your actions, and the relationships that start this way start a bit more natural. So, if you are not a fan of online communication and you would like to touch and see your interlocutors, traveling will be your best choice.

To meet Russian girl online is the right option for the people who get used to online communication and do not need real-time dialogues to learn the people’s personalities. Well, with the Internet development people get used to make contacts online and lerch each other traits even on a distance just like they would do in real life. Additionally, online dating sites help their users to save money (even the most expensive subscription plan is cheaper than a ticket to Russia) and help them to stay at home and continue to live their lives as they have been doing till the decision to find a woman abroad. 

Is it expensive to get a Russian wife? 

It depends on what way to find a wife you choose. Traveling is quite expensive: even those people who just travel all around the globe and spend a few days at a foreign country say that it makes their wallet empty. Only imagine the amount of money you can spend on living in Russia (even taking into consideration the fact that in that country everything is not as expensive as, for example, in the US). We do not even mention the number of dates you can have in a foreign country – and they can end with nothing, but disappointment. Well, you can not even come closer to the women because to find a single girl is quite difficult. 

Generally, you can spend more than $7,000 and come back to your country with nothing.

Online dating platforms will ask you for payment for their services. But, the services and communication with brides will the only features of a site that you will definitely use. There are some additional features, such as sending gifts or translation of messages, but still, you may not use them. Additionally, you will not pay for using the help of consultants: they will be online for you 24/7 (if it is a premium site). However, they will be able to help you with technical issues. What’s nice is that you will get lists of Russian ladies and the possibility to check the profiles of Russian women for free, so there will be no need to search by yourself. 

Using a site and visiting your beloved lady may cost you $3,000-$6,000 approximately, and you will definitely know that you will come to a particular woman who is waiting for you.

Features Of Traditional Russian Brides

Let’s start our journey into a mysterious Russian soul with the most common features of Russian brides. We recommend you not to think about this information as “one-size-fits-all” guide. The women are so different, volatile, and interesting personalities that it is almost impossible to describe them all (or it will take centuries to write and read). Still, we can describe at least the most common personality traits. 

Below we share our research, communication experience, and the experience of some online dating experts (you will find the list of the online dating services, that were so kind to let us ask their experts, at the end of this article).

Russian girls may be cold from the outside, but they are sensitive inside

A Russian woman is a mystery that a lot of men want to solve. However, this puzzle is simple: Russian people are solid, strong, and cold outside, but they are very gentle and sensitive in their souls. It is natural for them to keep distance in a relationship till the moment they realize that they can trust a person or that he or she will not judge them for anything that they do. If you see that your potential Russian bride is reserved and expresses no feelings, she might not hate you: she may just not trust you. Do your best to show your serious intentions, ability to protect her, listen to her, and care about her, and she will melt into your loving arms.

Russian women protect their personal space

Some “legends” tell that Russian beauties spend all their time with their family members and they do not even think about doing something alone. Well, the real Russian brides actually do think about their personal space, silence, hobbies, developing skills and sharpening their intellects.

Do not get surprised if your girl asks about some time apart. Yes, it is natural for Russian ladies to spend a lot of time together with their family, but they still demand some space to develop their personalities and be even more interesting to their partners. Moreover, a woman who does not work, for example, needs that time even more than the one with a job, because she spends hours at home and keeping it clean, cozy, and create a nice atmosphere only may damage her mental state and make her tired, annoyed, and even angry. If you don’t want to see your wife in such a state, let her do something without you and even without kids.

Russian women know what they want

It is not a new fact. These girls really differ from a lot of women in the world with their ability to quickly come to the understanding what life they want and how to achieve it. In relationship, they actually do the same. It is okay for them to hint at a marriage, for example, if their boyfriends do not even think about it for several months or even years (well, only a few girls will date you for such a long time and don’t wait for a wedding ring). 

At work, at home, at a shop they direct to the point when they realize how important is that point. Some men find this feature really attractive because they are sick and tired to guess what do their wives want from them and the relationships. Do you find it attractive too?

Russian ladies take care of their appearance

To see or find a Russian bride in a crowd is easy: she will stand out with her beauty and “polished” look. Some Russian men even joke that if they see an attractive and well-tended woman abroad, there is a high chance that this woman is from Russia. They really take care about how they look and what the people who see them will think about them. There is even a proverb in Russian language that can be poetically translated as “always dress to success”, and it really works in this northern country. Additionally, it is common in Russia to expect from women to look gorgeous anywhere and anytime. Well, maybe some girls seek a man in the other countries because they do not want to spend hours to look like eternal fairies, and want someone to see their true, not polished beauty. Can you do that for one of these fantastic ladies?

For Russian beauties, home is where happiness is

Family for almost all the women in Russia means love, happiness, and coziness. They want to have a close family with a kind man and have a normal life – it is normal for them to be married, cheerful, and have children. Usually, these ladies find out that for many men in Russia family is not the priority and not the first goal in their lives. They want to live with a person who cares about family issues, his relatives, and kids, and who will do everything possible for those people to be happy, because it is what a Russian woman will do every day with pleasure. Moreover, they can even knit something or paint pictures to make their houses cozier, they can cook new dishes to cheer up their family members, and do a lot of things just for fun and smiles of their dearest ones.

Why Russian Women Become Mail Order Brides

The phenomenon of Russian wife is now so popular that only a few men don’t know about it. Still, we should note who is an international bride and why she starts seeking a partner overseas.

Russian mail order bride is a woman who signs up with a matchmaking website. Her main desire is to meet a person who shares her ideas, view on life and future, her interests, and other vitally important things for her.

Why they do it if there are a lot of men in their motherland?

It happens because they didn’t succeed in meeting the men who could share all that we described in the second paragraph. Additionally, there may be some personal reasons, such as complete dislike of the current political situation, or social, ethical, or any other attitude to people and their relationship in Russia. Some of the girls want to relieve the pressure they may feel living in this country, and they suppose that there may be another life abroad or with a Western man who has a completely different mindset on life.

There are hundreds of thousands Russian girls for marriage who are waiting for you to connect with them.

What male features look the most attractive to Russian girls

In fact, these women like foreign men for various features of character. We cannot describe them all, because there are guys from the US, Australia, Austria, India, and so on. They have their own personality traits and this article will be endless if we start to talk about them all. Still, we can share some of the most common traits of foreigners that a traditional Russian bride will appreciate.

Girls from Russia and early marriage

Russian women tend to get married at a very early age (well, after their 18). Still, the women in Russia are quite young when start to dream about a family, children, and happy interesting life. There is even a stereotype about these ladies, telling that they can do nothing but caring about her family. It is not true.

What makes them to marry so quickly?

Generally, it does not depend on the nationality. It rather depends on social rules and even pressure, and some traditions. In Russia, a woman who is not married at her 30 can be considered as a person who has really big troubles with starting a relationship. Maybe, in any country, such a lady may have the same troubles, but in Slavic states they are a lot bigger.

Additionally, Russian single girls become independent and can take care of themselves at an early age as well. In other words, they grow up fast, so their desire to have a family a bit earlier than it usually happens in other countries can be easily explained by that.

The nicest reason why these ladies dream about becoming the wives is because the romantic Russian equivalent for the English word “marriage”. It sounds like “zamuzhem” and it can be translated as “behind the man”, i.e. the husband. In Slavic countries women dream about the men who can protect them – even literally, physically. 

Marriage is a sacred and long-awaited event for Russian singles. If you have the same attitude to it, you will easily find a beautiful soulmate in Russia.

How To Date Russian Women & Live Happily Ever After Marriage

Do’s and don’ts when dating Russian brides

After marriage: life with a Russian wife

She will do quite a lot of things that will surprise you, amaze you, make you mad and puzzled. We can share some of the most popular actions of a Russian wife that you will probably see by yourself. Our team presents this little list of “surprizes” for you to be forearmed and just ready to something you would never expect from any other woman in marriage.

  1. You will not eat the same food several times a day. Even two times. Even if your wife is tired or busy. 
  2. She will be financially in control. If you want it, of course. Almost all the men get control over the budget to their beloved ladies and are happy with it.
  3. She will be jealous. You are her husband and no one is supposed to hug or kiss you, even in a friendly way. And, be careful with all your female friends: your too active admiration to them may cause resentment.
  4. She may get mad if you criticize her way to cook rudely. Even if you really don’t like what she is cooking, say it politely and with respect to her time and efforts.
  5. Your Russian mother-in-law will have a strong interest in what is going on in your life with her daughter.You should get on with her – she will be an inherited part of your family life. Fear not: Russian mothers are serious and strict women, but they are very kind with all the close people of their children (if those people treat their children well).
  6. You will become very patient. Like, really patient. Pretty Russian girls can make even the most passionate and emotional men to wait them for an hour or more until they get ready for a party. Believe us, this transformation will be harmless and painless.
  7. Some men who have Russian wives joke that their women let them to be the heads of the family. Well, they are not joking.
  8. She may be quite pessimistic about the future and life, but it will change with the time if you are an open and positive person. The life together with someone who has another view on life will influence a Russian lady and even balance her.

Russian Dating Sites Or Marriage Agency: What To Choose?

Only you choose between the two variants. A marriage agency is the best option for the people who:

You can choose a dating site if you:

If you want to try online dating, we can recommend you several trusted Russian mail order bride websites. You can see them all below.

The list of top Russian mail order brides services

  1. Free registration, wide range of communication services, and rapid growth of database of Russian brides make this platform to be one of the most popular for the newbies in Russian dating.
  2. This site has one of the biggest databases of women and the communication with those girls will not be limited by regular messaging: you will be able to enjoy video chat and call to your ladies. However, this site does not have a mobile app.
  3. The pleasant design and its easy-to-use structure will make your activity on this service comfortable and your neural system calm (the interface may be even more annoying than the complete absence of girls). There are high activity rates and a lot of hot Russian women who want to meet their Western men, so if you want to find your foreign wife as soon as possible, choose this site.
  4. The site has a mobile application, a wide variety of services, and impressively detailed search tool. Additionally, it has flawless reputation and perfect reviews by users, but its design is a bit outdated.
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